Zigbee Alliance Member Group China

About the ZMGC

The Zigbee Alliance Member Group China (ZMGC) is a branch of the Zigbee Alliance that focuses on promoting Alliance technologies in the Chinese market. They operate out of their new headquarters in the in Shanghai, China. The ZMGC is comprised of 12 council members and 7 associate members.

The building at 692 Hua Xu Gong Lu, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China housing the ZMGC’s HQ.


ZMGC membership is an excellent way to begin actively participating in industry events in China. ZMGC membership has two tiers, associate membership and council membership. 

Associate members are able to:

  • Participate in events organized by the ZMGC
  • Access the Manual Book, Regulations, Member List, Council List, Chairman List, meeting records, meeting resolutions, and financial audit reports
  • Advise, propose and monitor the ZMGC’s activities
  • Obtain the participant contact information and technical materials of the seminars hosted by this Organization
  • Show their Zigbee products and company information in the marketing platform

Council members are able to:

  • All the abilities of Associate Members
  • Directly influence strategic planning of the ZMGC
  • Represent the ZMGC in public under the authorization of the Council
  • Recommend candidates for Chairman, Vice Chairman and working group leaders
  • Propose revision to the Manual Book
  • Have the priority to show their Zigbee products and services in marketing platform

If interested in joining please reach out to the ZMGC by clicking the button below, or sending an email directly to Laura Shang at [email protected].

Wall that can be seen upon entry of the office showcasing ZMGC members.


The ZMGC focuses on promoting Zigbee Alliance technologies by bringing members together and:

  • Organizing exhibitions, forums, developers’ conferences, training courses, IoT contests, and university collaboration
  • Delivering guest speeches at relevant industry events
  • Promoting Alliance activities
  • Acting as a local representative for members in China
Wilma Su, Chairman of ZMGC & ZMGC team leaders unveiling the Demo Zone
Laura Shang demonstrating one of the products on the interoperability wall during the grand opening.

Headquarters and Interoperability Demonstration Room

The ZMGC Headquarters opened on September 5th, 2019. The headquarters has a terrace, a meeting room, and a demonstration room. Many Zigbee Alliance members contributed to the space and the interoperability wall including Leedarson, Honyar, Feibit, Heiman, Signify, Sunricher, Somfy, Tuya, Lumi, iHorn, LedVance, Vensi, Yunding, and Shuncom. Shuncom also assisted in the setup of the demo wall and the scenes in the main showroom. The ZMGC also held their quarterly meeting for the first time in the space following the grand opening. 


Would you like to visit the Interoperability Demonstration Room and see Zigbee in action? Contact Laura Shang to schedule a visit.