Dotdot is the universal language of the Internet of Things, making it possible for smart objects to work together on Zigbee, IP, and other networks.


Why Dotdot

In the Internet of Things, every smart device must understand and speak the same language at the application layer. How else is a smart hub expected to know how to communicate and control an off-the-shelf door lock or thermostat? Without a common application layer, devices from different networks (Wi-Fi, Thread, Bluetooth, Zigbee) can’t communicate.

Dotdot is an open standard that can run over many networks allowing smart objects to communicate. Dotdot is based on the mature, proven solutions of the Zigbee Alliance. It is the product of 10+ years of work and experience from hundreds of innovative Zigbee Alliance member companies from across the industry and around the world.

Benefits of Dotdot

It is a single solution for all markets

  • A single application layer that works over many networks means a single choice for developers and consumers, and an end to market fragmentation
  • Home, building, industrial, retail, health, energy, and more

It is easy
  • All necessary documents, references and tools are available in a single location
  • A single certification mark on every certified product and package

It is secure

  • Application level DTLS sessions
  • Operational certificates
  • Access Control Lists

It is global

  • Built on the open standards and global membership of 400 Zigbee Alliance members

It is proven

  • Dotdot is based on the Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL) that is deployed in over 300 million products for over 10 years

It is reliable and robust

  • Dotdot brings a rich catalog of device interaction models to IP networks. This enables devices to interoperate natively, while being able to interact with similar/complimentary devices on a Zigbee network (via gateway)

It is interoperable

  • Certification ensures device-to-device interoperability
  • A single application language enables and connects multi-vendor ecosystems
  • Designed for forward and backward compatibility

It is future-proof

  • Brought to market with support from over 400 diverse member companies with decades of experience in the IoT industry

It is well-tested

  • Following Zigbee Alliance processes, test procedures are co-developed with the technical specification and validated via member interoperability test events
  • Automated test tools for improved coverage
  • Comprehensive testing and certification program available for members

Dotdot represents the next chapter in the Zigbee Alliance’s continued commitment to create and evolve open standards for the smart networks in our homes, businesses, and neighborhoods.

Specification: Available to Zigbee Alliance Members
Certification: Coming soon


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The Path to Dotdot Starts with Zigbee

The Zigbee Alliance to Unveil Universal Language for the IoT from CES 2017 – Making it Possible for Smart Objects to Work Together on Any Network


Download the Dotdot XML Specification

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