Zigbee Light Link

Smart, easy-to-use lighting control designed for consumers.

Zigbee Light Link gives the lighting industry a global standard for interoperable and very easy-to-use consumer lighting and control products. It allows consumers to gain wireless control over all their LED fixtures, light bulbs, timers, remotes and switches. Products using this standard will let consumers change lighting remotely to reflect ambiance, task or season, all while managing energy use and making their homes greener.Products built using this standard are as easy-to-use as a common dimmer switch. The standard does not require any special devices to coordinate with the lighting network, making it both easy and intuitive for consumers to use every day. Plus, it makes adding or even removing products to the lighting network a quick and easy. Zigbee Light Link products earning the Zigbee Certified seal are the industry’s only networked consumer lighting products offering simplicity and interoperability.



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Since Zigbee Light Link is a Zigbee standard, lighting products will interoperate effortlessly with products using other Zigbee standards already in consumers’ homes, including Zigbee Home Automation, Zigbee Input Device, Zigbee Remote Control and Zigbee Health Care.

Leading home lighting solution manufacturers who contributed their expertise to the development of Zigbee Light Link, including GE, Greenwave, OSRAM Sylvania and Philips.

ZigBee Light Link

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    • Do-it-yourself installation simplicity
    • Ideal for existing homes, remodels and new construction
    • Self-organizing networks simplify set-up and maintenance
    • Proven interference avoidance ensures worry-free operation
    • Open standard supports wider adoption
    • Lower operating costs thanks to energy efficient design
    • Promotes greater consumer energy awareness and control
    • Multiple manufacturers compete, lowering products costs
    • Internet ready, control lighting from anywhere
    • Customize lighting product settings individually or as a group
    • Control lighting products via remote, sensors or smart phones, tablets and computers
    • Add or remove lighting products easily without affecting network
    • Reliable, robust Zigbee PRO networking
    • 2.4 GHz global operation
    • Long battery life
    • Wireless range up to 70m indoors and 400m outdoors
    • Networking flexibility to cover homes of all sizes
    • Open and freely available specification based on international standards
    • Highly scalable solutions for thousands of devices
    • Luminaires (light fixtures)
    • Lamps (light bulbs)
    • Light switches/dimmers
    • Timers
    • Remote controls

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    • Designed 100% specifically for lighting applications
    • Dimming, color setting, group setting and scene creation just for you – and from anywhere
    • Simple Touchlink mechanism to add components and manage your lighting network
    • Products are do-it-yourself friendly and self-service retail ready
    • Internet remote control option via smartphone, computer or tablet extend your control convenience
    • Products from different manufacturers will be Zigbee Certified and wear same Light icon to simplify shopping
    • No complicated and expensive wired control solutions are required
    • Competitive technology solutions will be offered by numerous chip and software vendors
    • Open standard approach creates price competitive marketplace
    • Ensures power-efficient control solutions and low maintenance cost
    • Efficient Zigbee technology ensures very efficient power solutions, low installation and maintenance costs
    • AES 128 encryption used to protect lighting network against unauthorized use
    • Device authentications secure networks from neighboring networks
    • Uses selected Zigbee channels to maximize performance and coexistence with other wireless devices in homes
    • Conformance guaranteed with Zigbee Certified testing conducted by independent test facilities
    • Ensures different manufacturers remotes operates other manufacturers products
    • Add products from different manufacturers easily
    • Designed by lighting industry leaders to leverage expertise
    • One wireless standard and Zigbee Certified testing ensures interoperability of all products
    • Open, freely available networking supported by the Zigbee Alliance
    • 2.4 GHz global operation
    • Long battery life mesh technology
    • Wireless range up to 70m indoors and 400m outdoors

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