Zigbee Health Care

Control your health, wellness and fitness.

Zigbee Health Care offers a global standard for interoperable products enabling secure and reliable monitoring and management of non-critical, low-acuity healthcare services targeted at chronic disease, aging independence and general health, wellness and fitness.These smart and easy-to-use products promote aging independence along with greater overall health, wellness and fitness awareness. A variety of these products even offer an innovative connection with health care professionals like doctors and nurses, allowing them to monitor your health even while you’re at home. Zigbee Health Care supports the needs of a diverse global ecosystem of service providers, care providers, payers, product manufacturers and policymakers in providing a standard way to easily monitor, control and automate the delivery and use of health, wellness and fitness data for home and professional uses.Leading health care and technology companies are supporting the development of Zigbee Health Care, including Motorola, Phillips, Freescale Semiconductor, Awarepoint and RF Technologies




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Zigbee and the Continua Health Alliance: Improving Personal Health Care

The Zigbee Alliance has joined forces with the Continua Health Alliance, a non-profit, open industry coalition of the finest health care and technology companies collaborating to improve the quality of personal health care. Continua has endorsed Zigbee Health Care as its low-power local area network (LAN) standard in the Continua 2010 Design Guidelines.

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    • Enables reliable remote patient monitoring
    • Maintains freedom of mobility
    • Offers safety and activity monitoring sensors for home and professional use
    • “Provides real-time location capabilities
    • Offers prompt feedback for better self-management
    • Enables collaboration between devices for managing multiple chronic diseases
    • Connects a myriad of devices that may be required in professional settings
    • Offers body-worn sensors for sports and fitness
    • Features precision time stamps for synchronization and high accuracy monitoring
    • Optimize application data rates for all types of fitness equipment
    • Enables streaming, store-and-forward & burst communication modes
    • Offers out-of-box security for easy use
    • Conforms with regional regulatory environments
    • Supports access control for consumer, service provider, care provider, or shared networks
    • Features scalable support for data security and privacy
    • Efficient key generation, distribution and management for home and professional settings
    • Full support for IEEE 11073 device specialization profiles
    • Medical devices such as glucometer, pulse oximeter, electrocardiograph, weight scale, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, respirometer
    • Non-medical devices including social alarm device, personal activity monitor, pill minder, independent living activity hub, fitness equipment
    • Data management devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, PCs and notebooks
    • In-home data management using low-cost standalone devices such as refrigerator magnets and bedside/desktop health displays
    • Long battery life from low-cost coin cells for wearable devices
    • Wireless range up to 70m indoors and 400m outdoors with full control of transmitted output power
    • Networking flexibility to cover entire campuses
    • Open and freely available specification based on international standards
    • Supports multiple network topologies encountered in home and professional settings
    • Highly scalable solutions for thousands of devices
    • Enables home televisions to display data from medical and non-medical devices
    • Integrates control and monitoring devices for lighting, security, occupancy, motion detection and convenience

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    • Reduces healthcare costs by eliminating need for inpatient hospitalization
    • Promotes self care, independent living, wellness and fitness
    • Open standard supports competitive marketplace of multiple products that lowers cost through competition
  • EASY
    • Wireless technology eliminates cost and hassle of running wires
    • Certified interoperability, global 2.4GHz spectrum simplifies installation and operation
    • Automatic features simplify use
    • Internet connection for greater access and control
    • AES 128 encryption secures personal information
    • Regional regulatory compliance simplifies implementation
    • Integrates control and monitoring devices for lighting, security, occupancy, motion detection and convenience
    • Enables home televisions to display data from medical and non-medical devices
    • Interoperability between a variety of medical and non-medical devices with data management devices regardless of manufacturer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Zigbee devices affect the human body?
Zigbee operates at power levels similar to Bluetooth devices and at significantly lower levels of average cell phones. Also, Zigbee’s duty cycles (the amount of time the radios are actually on versus off) are thousands of times less than Bluetooth devices. There are hundreds of millions of wearable Bluetooth headsets sold every year, and a billion cell phones used everyday.Other devices operate in the ISM bands, will they cause any problems for medical devices using Zigbee.
Zigbee is very robust and has demonstrated superb tolerance to extreme interference. The Las Vegas Convention Center is one of worst places for wireless devices, especially during the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Interference at that show often impedes many cell phones and Bluetooth headsets from operating correctly. Zigbee has always performed flawlessly in these extreme environments. For more details, please see the results of extensive coexistence research in the white papers section of the Zigbee Alliance website. Zigbee uses Mesh-Networking, what are the advantages compared to other approaches?
Radios in a mesh network can talk to many other radios (devices) in the network, not just one. The result is that each data packet communicated across a wireless mesh network can have multiple possible paths to its destination. This flexibility makes the mesh network very flexible for accommodating interference in the radio spectrum or something blocking the radio path. Wireless mesh networks also enable networks to grow in size and cover greater physical distances. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies mean the data packet only has a single path to follow and is therefore more vulnerable to interference or blockage. Their ability to cover greater physical distances is limited and the access point in star networks can only talk to a small number of radios on the network.How easy is it to add devices to a zigbee network?
Very easy. Zigbee’s pairing process allows for fast and easy association between devices. Additionally, Zigbee offers a variety of routing algorithms for data packets to find the correct destination, including hierarchical tree, neighbor, and table-based routing. These approaches result in a high degree of flexibility and stability ensuring that devices in the network stay connected and that network performance remains constant even as it is dynamically changing.How does Zigbee address security for confidential medical data given that information is literally flying through the air?
Zigbee was developed with many layers of security. At the strongest level, Zigbee uses AES 128 encryption (government, commercial and military grade encryption used across the Internet). In addition, Zigbee defines a security toolbox for key generation and distribution that can support multiple modes for residential, commercial, and even industrial applications. The Zigbee Health Care public application profile has specific security features for rapid key generation and distribution suitable in the medical environments insuring privacy and integrity. No other solution offers a comparable security system.If I purchase certified Zigbee Health Care devices from different vendors will they communicate and interoperate with each other?
Yes. Zigbee has developed a rigorous certification procedure for each of the available public application profiles. The certification procedure is performed by independent third parties on an anonymous basis. This testing ensures full interoperability between Zigbee devices using the same public application profile.

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The Zigbee Alliance is the foundation and future of the IoT. Established in 2002, our wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work, and play. With our members’ deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and a full suite of open IoT solutions, we are leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative, and useful world.