Zigbee 2030.5

Greener homes, business and utilities.

Zigbee 2030.5 offers a global standard for IP-based control, both wired and wireless, for energy management in Home Area Networks (HANs). It is the Zigbee IP-based implementation of IEEE 2030.5-2013. IEEE adopted the application standard (formerly known as Zigbee Smart Energy 2) developed by the Zigbee Alliance in 2013.

Zigbee 2030.5 is an evolution of Zigbee Smart Energy 1.x and provides new capabilities such as control of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) charging, HAN deployments in multi-dwelling units such as apartment buildings, support for multiple energy service interfaces into a single premises and support for any transport based on IETF IP compliant protocols such as Zigbee IP specification.

Zigbee 2030.5 was developed by many stakeholders across the energy supply ecosystem including manufacturers of smart meters, appliances, programmable thermostats and other devices in homes, utilities, energy service providers as well as various government and standards organizations around the world.

It does not replace Zigbee Smart Energy 1.x. Instead, it offers utilities and energy service providers another choice in the creation of Home Area Networks.

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Watch the Zigbee Smart Energy 2.0 webinar:

Watch the Zigbee Smart Energy 2.0 webinar presentation here: 

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