Zigbee: The Open, Global Wireless Standard for Connecting Everyday Devices

Zigbee is the only standards-based wireless technology designed to address the unique needs of device-to-device communication in just about any market. Since 2002, the Zigbee Alliance has been creating open, global standards for the Internet of Things.

Why put Zigbee in your products and services?

Zigbee is designed for the special requirements of device-to-device communication, the foundation of the Internet of Things.

  • Zigbee is reliable and robust and uses multi-hop mesh networking to eliminate single points of failure and expand the reach of networks.
  • Zigbee is low-power allowing battery-operated devices such as door and window sensors to operate for seven years. With the Green Power feature, you don’t need any batteries!
  • Zigbee is secure and uses a variety of security mechanisms such as AES-128 encryption, device and network keys and frame counters.
  • Zigbee is global and is built on 2.4 GHz which is available for unlicensed use anywhere around the world. This means a product developer can sell the same product anywhere on the planet.
  • Zigbee is interoperable and standardizes network and application layers. Everything from joining a network to device operations like on and off are defined so devices from different vendors can work together seamlessly.



Zigbee is widely used in a variety of markets including:

  • Smart Homes: Zigbee affordably connects the widest range of devices to improve comfort, security and convenience for consumers. It is the technology of choice for world-leading service providers, installers and retailers who deliver home automation, security and energy management applications to the home.
  • Connected Lighting: Zigbee is used in residential and commercial lighting applications and allows users to gain control over LEDs, light bulbs, fixtures, remote controls and switches. Users can change lighting remotely to reflect ambiance, task or season, all while managing energy use and making their homes greener.
  • Utility Industry: Zigbee Smart Energy is the world’s leading standard for interoperable products that monitor, control, inform, and automate the delivery and use of energy and water. It is deployed in tens of millions of smart meters around the world helps create greener homes by giving consumers the information and automation needed to easily reduce their consumption and save money.


ZigBee Standards on 80% of 802.15.4 Radios

“Zigbee continues to be the primary driver toward standardization and interoperability and will see further strong growth across many markets, accounting for almost 80% of total 802.15.4-enabled device shipments in 2018.“ ABI, July 2013


Control Your World

Leading companies around the world use Zigbee to deliver innovative Internet of Things products and services to meet the needs of many growing markets. Zigbee lets your customers create their own Internet of Things to gain greater control of and improve comfort and efficiency in everyday activities.

Zigbee lets you easily and cost-effectively add intelligent new features that improve the efficiency, safety, security, reliability and convenience of your products. You can help your customers save both energy and money, or give them the tools they need to gain control of their homes and business.

Thanks to Zigbee, it’s never been easier to differentiate your products and services while also making them smarter and greener.