Zigbee Alliance Wins SEAD Connected Efficiency Award for its Energy-Efficient Communication Protocols

Connected Efficiency Award Medalllion

By Tobin Richardson, President & CEO | Zigbee Alliance

I am excited to announce that this week, three of the Zigbee Alliance’s protocols found the spotlight thanks to their inherent efficiency in energy consumption. On Tuesday, November 7th the Zigbee Alliance’s Zigbee 3.0, Green Power, and Zigbee PRO protocols earned the SEAD Connected Efficiency Award. This award identifies energy efficient protocols in the market, increases their use in mains-powered connected devices, and spurs innovation among protocols developers.

A panel of judges (formed by independent experts from the US Energy Star/Environmental Protection Agency, International Energy Agency, Swedish Energy Agency, Business NZ Energy Council/World Energy Council, Cisco, and Natural Resources Canada) conducted a qualitative, desktop evaluation of each entrant protocol, and the Zigbee Alliance was among those recognized as a leader in establishing standards for energy efficiency in communication protocols.

Why Zigbee won:

  • Zigbee 3.0: This provides application-layer functionality which is focused on energy management. Zigbee 3.0 includes support for power configuration, polling control, device aging management and battery monitoring, as well as network traffic reduction strategies aimed at saving energy.
  • Green Power by Zigbee Alliance: This is an extension of Zigbee PRO and is aimed at energy harvesting devices (devices with no mains power and no battery). The protocol optimizes communications using a compressed data frame structure, simple one-hop messaging architecture, and limited two-way communications.
  • Zigbee PRO: This protocol is used by devices to communicate with each other. It incorporates a number of power optimization techniques to facilitate proper channel usage and avoid wasteful re-transmissions and over-the-air message collisions. The protocol also allows for storage of messages for “sleepy” devices.

This award recognizes the tremendous work of hundreds of engineers and protocol authors in the Zigbee Alliance.  Over the course of 15 years, the Alliance volunteers and membership have given countless hours to creating an energy-efficient IoT for a connected world and continues to do so today.

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