Zigbee Alliance Recognizes Leadership and Dedication in Its World-Class Membership

Arasch receiving award

Vice Chairman of the Board, Musa Unmehopa, recognizes Arasch at Light+Building with the Outstanding Contributor Award in Frankfurt, Germany

Three times a year, the Zigbee Alliance hosts week-long Member Meetings across the globe to roll up our sleeves and make progress on initiatives face-to-face. We take this opportunity to recognize outstanding leadership, contribution, and dedication by the individuals who make up the Alliance.

All Zigbee Alliance members are invited to submit nominations for our four award categories, which are then submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval. Last month at our San Diego Member Meeting, we had the pleasure of formally recognizing the following members for their exceptional efforts within the Zigbee Alliance.

Outstanding Contributor Award

The Outstanding Contributor Award is given to individuals who, during the previous year, went above and beyond the call of duty within the Alliance working groups by making many contributions throughout the year as well as effectively moving the consensus process forward. Both the quantity and quality of the contributions are taken into consideration.

Awarded to: Dr. Arasch Honarbacht, Managing Director and CTO of ubisys; Vice Chair of the Zigbee PRO Core Working Group for the Zigbee Alliance

Arasch Honarbacht made extensive contributions throughout the Zigbee PRO pillar to drive the Zigbee 3.0 specification to completion. Once finished, he was the first to implement these new specifications and bring a Zigbee 3.0 Certified product to market. The Alliance is honored to work with Arasch and recognize him with the Outstanding Contributor Award.

Zigbee Alliance VP of Technology, Victor Berrios, accepts the Circle of Excellence on Peter’s behalf

Circle of Excellence

The Zigbee Alliance recognizes the exceptional contributions in reinforcing the Alliance’s missions through the Circle of Excellence award. This award recognizes diligence and vision in individuals or organizations who further the vision of consumer control of device-to-device communications.

Awarded to: Peter Morgan, Managing Consultant for PA Consulting

The Alliance proudly recognizes Peter Morgan for his insightful guidance and influence to integrate Zigbee technology into the United Kingdom’s Smart Energy Program. Smart Energy by the Zigbee Alliance will now be a part of the United Kingdom’s offering of smart meters to every home and business (an estimated 26 million) by 2020. Peter Morgan’s dedication to this project and interest in improving efforts to reduce energy consumption make him a deserving candidate for the Circle of Excellence award.

Distinguished Fellow

The Zigbee Alliance bestows the Distinguished Fellow to exceptional individuals who have over time provided a major influence on the direction and success of the Alliance and its development. Individuals who attain this honor are recognized as key individuals whose vision and efforts have helped the Alliance membership realize success in deployment of the technology, and have helped guide the industry.

Ian receiving award

Zigbee Alliance Chairman of the Board, John Osborne, and Zigbee Alliance CEO, Tobin Richardson, recognize Ian Winterburn with the Distinguished Fellow

Awarded to: Ian Winterburn, Solutions Architect at Landis+Gyr; Chair of the PRO Energy Working Group for the Zigbee Alliance

Ian Winterburn’s efforts as the Chair and Technical editor of the PRO Energy Working Group were instrumental to ultimately bring Zigbee Smart Energy 1.2x and 1.4 specifications to completion. We are grateful for Ian’s continued dedication to the Alliance and his leadership of PRO Energy Working Group.

Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award

At our last member meeting, the Zigbee Alliance was given a truly special opportunity to honor the legacy of one of our finest leaders, Larry Kohrmann of Oncor, while recognizing a current one.

After Larry’s unexpected passing, the Zigbee Alliance Board of Directors moved to change the name of the Zigbee Alliance Leadership Award to the Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award in memory of the leadership and the strong community he helped forge with his dedication, commitment, and humanity in the Zigbee Alliance.

Zigbee Alliance Chairman of the Board, John Osborne, and Zigbee Alliance CEO, Tobin Richardson, recognize Rob Alexander with the Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award alongside Marie Kohrmann and Mark Carpenter of Oncor

For the first presentation of the new award, the Alliance had the honor of being joined in San Diego by Larry’s wife, Marie, their children, and Mark Carpenter of Oncor. Marie was presented with the proclamation of the award’s new name, signed by the Board of Directors.

The Larry Kohrmann Leadership Award is given to outstanding working group chairs or board members. This award recognizes the volunteer leaders who make up the heart of the Alliance’s success. These individuals have dedicated their time and leadership ability to establishing and furthering the Alliance’s success.

Awarded to: Rob Alexander, Software Engineering Manager at Silicon Labs; Chairman of the PRO Core Working Group for the Zigbee Alliance

Rob Alexander, a more-than-deserving recipient of this award, has demonstrated the highest quality of leadership in the PRO Core Working Group. His efforts helped drive the Zigbee PRO 2017 project to completion, and the Alliance is grateful to have the privilege of working with him.

The Zigbee Alliance is made up of the best minds in the industry. We look forward to continue recognizing more of our outstanding members.