Retail Services

Zigbee Retail Services is an open, global standard specifically designed to help retailers by connecting devices in stores to enhance the shopping experience and help make retailers more efficient. Zigbee Retail Services was developed by industry leaders such as Kroger Company, the largest grocery chain in the US and one of the largest retailers in the world.

Zigbee enhances the shopping experience by enabling faster checkouts, in-store assistance, and in-store item location. It helps makes the retailer more efficient by reducing stock-outs, support JIT inventory practices, and monitoring temperatures, humidity, spills, etc. It supports a variety of devices including Personal Shopping Assistants, Intelligent Shopping Carts, Electronic Shelf Labels, and Asset Tracking Tags.

Zigbee can also provide data collection for analytics by retailers. For instance, intelligent shopping cart locations can be used to model movement of consumers throughout a store. This data alone can be used to pinpoint both high and low traffic areas to optimize product offerings or even reduce wait time by forecasting when shoppers will reach check-out lines.


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