Smart Wireless Lighting

Smart Wireless Lighting

Published: May 2015
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Low power wireless standards combined with a rapid migration to LED lighting has made smart lighting a catalyst for the Internet of Things. ON World’s 2015 surveys with vendors, consumers and major retail outlets found that smart wireless lighting products are one of the fastest growing technology markets. In fact, sales for smart LED light bulbs increased by 2900% in 2014 from 2012.

This enormous increase is just the beginning of what will be a multi-decade consumer upgrade cycle. ON World’s April 2015 consumer survey with 1,000+ U.S. consumers found that 1 in 5 plan to buy a smart wireless LED light bulb within the next two years. By 2019, annual shipments for smart wireless LED light bulbs will increase by 40 times.

For over a decade the Zigbee Alliance has been promoting wireless mesh networking and it has paid off as Zigbee smart lighting solutions are being deployed in large numbers in homes worldwide.  Zigbee and 802.15.4 standards based chips are selling millions of chips weekly and multiple suppliers are keeping smart lighting manufacturers well stocked with low cost, low power and reliable wireless radios.

However, the number of smart LED bulbs using Bluetooth is rapidly growing and products based on Bluetooth Smart Mesh is an emerging trend. By the end of 2019, Bluetooth will become the second largest smart lighting technology up from 7% of residential unit sales in 2014.

Based on vendor surveys and phone interviews with 1,200 individuals across the whole smart lighting value chain along with an evaluation of 250+ products and 20,000 consumer reviews, this report analyzes the rapidly growing market for smart wireless lighting in the residential, commercial and outdoor markets.

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