ZigBee Telecom Services Use Scenarios  

Information Delivery

Mobile phones equipped with a ZigBee SIM card may receive a variety of information provided by network operators including:

  • Weather
  • Public safety
  • Traffic status
  • Other municipal notice
  • Advertisements
  • Sports News
  • Stock Market
  • Indoor location

Mobile Payment

Mobile phones equipped with ZigBee SIM card be used to pay for services, with the charges authenticated by the network operator, in a variety of areas including:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Parking
  • Movie theaters
  • Toll stations
  • Doctor offices

Location Based Services

Devices equipped with a ZigBee SIM card can calculate distances and determine location in an indoor setting without using GPS. This helps people find their way in new areas like airports or malls, plus know what services are available. It also provides retailers, public transport and amusement parks with more information on areas that attract more traffic.

Mobile Gaming

Two or more mobile devices equipped with ZigBee Telecom Services can connect allowing different players of games offering multicast to be interconnected.

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