ZigBee Telecom Services Benefits  

  • Network operators can offer multiple new value added services with a single technology
  • Retailers can reach consumers in new, cost effective ways
  • Airports, train stations, malls, amusement parks can now help guide visitors to important services
  • Businesses can more effectively manage data and office services accessed by employees


  • Phones with SIM cards can easily be upgraded by user
  • Competition among ZigBee technology suppliers reduces prices and increases innovation
  • Huge ecosystem of silicon providers, integrators and service providers
  • ZigBee devices can be used for providing indoor location services with fast and self-configuration of the system without extra maintenance
  • Proximity advertising is easily enabled by devices such as Information terminals and Information nodes
  • Frees up precious high value 3G/4G infrastructure for delivery of more appropriate high value services


  • ZigBee SIM cards add to the functionality of today's SIM cards
  • Consumers can upgrade for new services using existing mobile phones or devices
  • ZigBee Telecom Services Access points can be shipped for self-install
  • Fast and easy network setup time for indoor location solutions


  • Standardized technology provides fast access to new markets
  • Defined product certification processes speed your products to market
  • Reduced product research and development cycle
  • Certified interoperability, global 2.4GHz spectrum simplifies installation and operation
  • Automatic features simplify
  • Improves information availability
  • Improves user experience and access to the
  • Lower installation costs
  • Internet connection for greater access, remote control and reconfiguration


  • Standard technology provides a global access mechanism for a multitude of devices to connect to the network- a true "Internet of Things"
  • New application scenarios taking advantage of widely deployed, affordable Wireless Sensor Networks can enable Value Added Services
  • Lowers customers' cost to operate
  • Standard interface for enabling different services
  • Improves information availability
  • Improves user experience and access to the services
  • Enable new service designs

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