ZigBee Input Device Overview  

ZigBee Input Device is a global standard for greener, innovative and easy-to-use mice, keyboards, touchpads, wands and other input devices used with computers and consumer electronic (CE) devices. This standard allows consumers to use their devices from greater distances or even from another room because operation is not limited to line of sight.  

Devices using the standard will also enjoy green benefits. Its energy-efficient design helps devices run longer on batteries, when compared to infrared technology, and reduces the total number of batteries used -- and disposed of -- during the device's lifetime.

The standard offers native support of popular multi-touch and gesture commands, allowing manufacturers to deliver the most feature-rich products for their consumers. It also features the ability to define special functions and enhanced performance beyond the standard behavior of a mouse, keyboard or similar input device.

ZigBee Input Device operates with existing ZigBee Remote Control-equipped HDTVs, set-top boxes and other devices as well as with existing computers.

ZigBee Input Device is a standard designed specifically for the ZigBee RF4CE specification.