ZigBee Standards Overview  

Our innovative standards were custom-designed by industry experts to meet the specific market needs of businesses and consumers. 

These market leading standards give product manufacturers a straightforward way to help their customers gain greater control of, and even improve, everyday activities. They take full advantage of ZigBee's many strengths so products using ZigBee low-power wireless standards can be easily installed and allowed to run on harvested energy or batteries for years. This simplicity makes them easy to use and gives consumers and businesses the tools they need to have greener homes and offices. 

ZigBee Building Automation (Efficient commercial spaces)
ZigBee Remote Control (Advanced remote controls)
ZigBee Smart Energy (Home energy savings)
  Smart Energy Profile 2 (IP-based home energy management)
ZigBee Health Care (Health and fitness monitoring)
ZigBee Home Automation (Smart homes)
ZigBee Input Device (Easy-to-use touchpads, mice, keyboards, wands)
ZigBee Light Link (LED lighting control)
ZigBee Retail Services (Smarter shopping)
ZigBee Telecom Services (Value-added services)




ZigBee Network Devices (Assist and expand ZigBee networks)