Today, the ZigBee Alliance offers three specifications that serve as the base networking system to facilitate its interoperable market standards. These specifications are supported by a robust and competitive supply chain, making it easy for you to add ZigBee to your products.

ZigBee Specification 

The core ZigBee specification defines ZigBee's smart, cost-effective and energy-efficient mesh network. It's an innovative, self-configuring, self-healing system of redundant, low-cost, very low-power and even battery-free nodes that enable ZigBee's unique flexibility, mobility and ease of use.

ZigBee is available as two feature sets, ZigBee PRO and ZigBee and they define how ZigBee mesh networks operate. ZigBee PRO, the most widely used specification, is optimized for low power consumption and to support large networks with thousands of devices. It now offers a new and innovative feature, Green Power, that supports energy harvesting or self-powered devices that don’t rely on batteries or AC mains power. Through the ZigBee Certified program, the Alliance independently tests platforms implementing both feature sets, and has a list of ZigBee Compliant Platforms offering support for both ZigBee and ZigBee PRO.

ZigBee IP Specification

ZigBee IP is the first open standard for an IPv6-based full wireless mesh networking solution and provides seamless Internet connections to control low-power, low-cost devices. It connects dozens of the different devices into a single control network.  ZigBee IP was designed to specifically support the forthcoming ZigBee Smart Energy version 2 standard.

The ZigBee Certified program allows the Alliance to independently tests platforms implementing this specification. There is a growing list of ZigBee Compliant Platforms offering support for ZigBee IP.

ZigBee RF4CE Specification 

The specialty-use driven ZigBee RF4CE was designed for simple, two-way device-to-device control applications that do not require the full-featured mesh networking capabilities offered by the ZigBee specification. ZigBee RF4CE offers lower memory size requirements thereby enabling lower cost implementations. The simple device-to-device topology provides easy development and testing, resulting in faster time to market.

ZigBee RF4CE provides a multi-vendor interoperable solution for consumer electronics featuring a simple, robust and low-cost communication network for two-way wireless connectivity. ZigBee RF4CE participates in the ZigBee Certified program, and all platforms implementing this specification are tested to ensure compliance with the specification. We have a convenient list of ZigBee Compliant Platforms offering support for ZigBee RF4CE.