ZigBee Certified Program  

Why Certify

The ZigBee Alliance is committed to ensuring that quality ZigBee products are available throughout the value chain. The ZigBee Certified program leverages the expertise of hundreds of engineers and business people to ensure only quality products earn ZigBee Certified product status.

Advantages of Certification

ZigBee members gain many valuable advantages by certifying their ZigBee products:

  • Lower cost of ownership for products by leveraging vast ZigBee ecosystem
  • Independent proof that products interoperate with other ZigBee Certified products
  • Use of the exclusive ZigBee Certified logo and market standard icon to market products
  • Product listing on the Alliance website
  • Product promotion in other Alliance collateral
  • Inclusion in Alliance product demonstrations

What it Covers

The ZigBee Certified program ensures that quality ZigBee products are available for product manufacturers and their customers. Our focus on conformance means everyone will have access to ZigBee products that perform as expected and deliver an enjoyable customer experience.

All ZigBee Certified testing is completed by independent testing firms: NTS, TRaC Global, TUV and CESI.


The program focuses on two areas to ensure conformance to ZigBee standards and interoperability between devices.

  1. ZigBee Compliant Platform

    The ZigBee Compliant Platform program conducts a rigorous evaluation of all platforms before they can be engineered into products. Each platform is comprised of a 2.4 GHz radio and a microprocessor with storage running ZigBee firmware. The platform is tested for compliance to a ZigBee specification. This program ensures the supply chain has a solid foundation for products destined for personal or commercial use. Successfully completing this testing allows the member to have its platform recognized by the Alliance as a ZigBee Compliant Platform.

  2. ZigBee Certified Product

    The ZigBee Certified Product program tests any product using an Alliance developed standard. The product must be fully compliant to the standard and execute all mandatory commands successfully. Successfully completing certification testing allows the member's product to be recognized by the Alliance as a ZigBee Certified product and wear a ZigBee Certified product logo.