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ZigBee is a success. Read how our member’s use ZigBee in a variety of creative ways across a variety of industries. Our members' products are providing new ways to control a variety of situations. As a result, they’re also increasing productivity, improving quality and meeting the needs of today's marketplace.

Awarepoint Jetlun + ZigBee: Reducing Tons of Carbon While Saving Money. The global economic downturn has spurred demand for energy-efficient products. Even as consumer spending is more selective than ever, ON World reports that the ongoing global recession is accelerating the convergence of wireless sensor networks, information technologies and Telecom solutions, creating demand for Wireless Sensor Networking and new Smart Home service opportunities through the Smart Grid. The ZigBee family of standards provides the world with a path to achieve this convergence. read article..
Energy Aware Energy Aware Technology: Expanding Their Vision of Energy Solutions. Utilities worldwide have begun to optimize their product portfolios by selecting and utilizing products based on open standards. Products and services utilizing open standards reduce obsolescence risk while providing flexible, durable solutions. Since multiple companies participate in establishing open standards and ultimately create a variety of products, utilities are able to expand their vendor lists and product options thereby reducing overall risks related to dependency on one vendor. These same open standards, including ZigBee®, allow utilities and their customers to obtain higher quality, longer lasting products with lower pricing – all key differentiators in an industry now focused on eco-friendly, cost-conscious solutions. read article..
Awarepoint EpiSensor + ZigBee Facilitate Climate Change Research. The Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) recently provided students and scientists with the opportunity to go on an Antarctic expedition to learn more about Antarctic climate change. The expedition’s goal was to gather data to determine the impact of climate change on local wildlife through measurements of sea and air temperatures as well as salinity levels. A crucial part of the Earth’s climate system, the Antarctic is a sensitive barometer of environmental change. With the extreme weather conditions found in the Antarctic, LIT needed to find durable, reliable and accurate equipment for the expedition. read article..
Awarepoint Awarepoint with ZigBee Improve Patient Care and the Bottom Line. Awarepoint RTLS with ZigBee enables healthcare facilities to map assets, monitor activity and measure performance to improve patient care and business processes. Now managers and clinicians can see and analyze movement patterns and status of equipment. It is used to improve patient safety, patient flow and clinical engineering while preventing missing equipment and numerous replacement costs. The Awarepoint solution is simple and intuitive with user-friendly software that parallels daily activities, ensuring greater adoption. read article..
TimeLox TimeLox AB with ZigBee; Increasing Hotel Security Worldwide. Over the past decade, the need for increased security while lowering insurance premiums has become a main focus in the hotel industry. In the past, hotels with metal room keys routinely lost eight keys per room every month, leading to an underground market in keys and an increase in theft. Through dramatic advances in technology such as smart card chips, powerful software, and sophisticated interface programs with property management systems (PMS), hotel door locks have evolved into intricate electronic systems with a wide variety of platforms, capabilities and operational features. read article..
Telegesis Telegesis and ZigBee Get Into Hot Water. Monitoring and accurate accounting of utility consumption, whether electricity, gas, or water, is a strategically important task, affecting the economy of every country. Historically in Russia, the provisioning of all water services had been provided, free of charge. However, recently the government decided to introduce a levy-based system that would monitor and charge for usage of water. TBN Energoservice, a Russian company specializing in metering and analysis of energy resource consumption, was chosen to comply with the Moscow government program known as "Water meter into every municipal house." read article..
 Daintree Success Story Daintree Networks with ZigBee, Teaming Up to Certify Smart Energy. The world is facing astounding population growth with our current population at 6.6 billion and a forecast of 9.2 billion people on the earth by the year 2050. With this huge population growth comes an unprecedented demand for energy. This challenge has utilities initiating new business plans and strategies that will address energy needs not for just five or 10 years, but 50 years down the road. One such strategy is the implementation of standards-based, certified systems that provide for smarter, more efficient energy use. read article..
 Citygrow Success Story CityGrow with ZigBee; Energy Efficient Buildings of the Future, Now. Globally, energy consumption continues to increase at an unprecedented pace. Fast growing economies are bringing about an increased need for energy. In recent years the Asia Pacific region has seen a 48% increase in energy consumption, while global consumption grew by only 23%. China is the world’s third-largest energy producer and the second-largest energy consumer. A large portion, 27.5 % of the Chinese energy consumption, is attributed directly to their construction industry. read article..
 Siemens Success Story Siemens With ZigBee; Driving Volvo Towards the Future. The need to reduce greenhouse gases while becoming more energy efficient is a worldwide challenge that industrial plants are addressing aggressively. More than one-third of all the energy used in the United States is utilized in industrial plants. U.S. manufacturers also face an increasingly competitive environment, and need ways to reduce production costs without negatively affecting the yield or the quality of their products. Adding to this challenge, uncertain energy prices in today’s marketplace are negatively affecting manufacturers’ once predictable earnings. Energy efficiency has become not only an important environmental strategy, but also a sound business strategy. read article..
 Energate Success Story Energate Implements ZigBee Smart Energy to Balance the Needs of Utilities and Empower Consumers. Around the world, energy markets are being stressed to their limits during peak demand periods. Fluctuating power flows and increasing price volatility add to the unease about future energy supply security and also increase the potential for a system reliability disaster. To reduce peak energy consumption and the risk of taxing the existing power infrastructure to the point of blackouts, many energy services companies are investigating how to provide their consumers with demand response programs. Energate, a leading provider of home energy management controls, systems, and services for the energy, HVAC, and home automation markets is now offering a solution with its ZigBee® Smart Energy Certified Pioneer Z100 smart thermostats. read article..
 MeshNetics Success Story MeshNetics and ZigBee Slash Industrial Facility’s Energy Bill By 37%. As energy costs continue to skyrocket and environmental concerns move to the forefront, running an energy efficient industrial facility becomes a missioncritical practice. While more companies are increasingly scrutinizing their energy consumption practices, companies with industrial facilities face even more difficult energy challenges. These energy challenges range from keeping system installation costs low to retro-fitting and creating a workable system in buildings which are often made of concrete. read article..
 GreenPeak Success Story GreenPeak Technologies and ZigBee: Harvesting Power In the Wireless Greenhouse of the Future. The idea of growing crops or plants in an environmentally controlled area has existed since Roman times. Some of the early attempts required enormous amounts of work to exclude the elements – and even more work to provide adequate heat and security. Today, greenhouses are high technology production facilities growing crops managed by computer controlled systems. read article..
 AlertMe Success Story and ZigBee: 21st Century Home Security and Awareness. wanted to create a modern security system addressing the needs of the 21st century consumer. The key to their new system is the use of the modern communication technologies already present in the majority of homes to alert the resident of a security breach. Since a majority of homes now have an always available broadband connection, AlertMe uses this as the base communication line between the home and Since almost everyone now carries a mobile phone, this mobile communication line completes the link, allowing automatic communication between home and resident almost anywhere in the world. But the innovation behind leveraging existing communication channels needed something else, and this is where ZigBee® provided the perfect solution. read article..
 Comverge Success Story Comverge and ZigBee: Helping Utilities Define the Clean Energy Sector. The 21st century has brought with it numerous challenges and also many opportunities for the utility industry. More stringent environmental laws along with a growing preference for clean energy fuels have created a strong focus on clean energy. And, while the utility industry shares a common goal — making more power while producing less carbon dioxide — there is no single simple solution. Many utilities have begun including several elements of green energy in their power portfolios including promoting energy efficiency. Instead of building new transmission corridors or additional peaking plants, utilities are now focusing some of their efforts and investments on demand response programs. read article..
 Digi International Success Story Digi International with ZigBee: Perfect Ice Conditions Ensure Faster Speed Skating Times. It is likely that ice skating originated in the Netherlands. The word “skate” originates from the Dutch word “schaats,” which traces its origins to “schenkel,” the leg bone of an animal – the first material used for skating blades. As early as the 14th century, the Dutch were using leather straps to fasten wooden shoes to iron blades and gliding across the frozen canals allowing isolated Dutch farmers a quicker way to reach friends and relatives. Today, international speed skaters attain speeds up to 60 km/h (37 mph) at one of the world’s largest tracks, Thialf. And at Thialf, ZigBee® gives skaters an edge their Dutch ancestors never dreamed of centuries ago. read article..
 Light Corporation Success Story Light Corporation and ZigBee: The Future of Lighting and Workspace Management Today. Imagine walking into a warehouse and having the lights go on automatically as you walk, creating a lighted path to your office. At the same time, the HVAC starts up and cools your office to your desired temperature. The building also recognizes your laptop and other equipment you have with you, providing an inventory and security checklist. And, you are notified of any security breaches or equipment issues with time and location provided whether you are on or off site. read article..
 S3C Success Story S3C and ZigBee, Going Where Wireless Technology Has Never Gone Before
Information is power. Companies worldwide understand the value of information and many invest heavily in gathering, incorporating, and analyzing data to reduce costs, refine quality, boost revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. Today, many of these same companies are looking for ways to create more “eyes” and “ears” that gather data and delve ever deeper into information and processes. read article..
 Siemens Success Story Siemens With ZigBee Deploys First Wireless Building Automation System
Commercial building owners have a list of issues to deal with daily. They want to provide potential tenants with the latest in technology. Building owners of historically significant structures want to offer the same capabilities as new buildings but without destroying historical architecture. And lately, more and more building owners and tenants alike want to “go green” and use energy more efficiently. read article..
 Develco Success Story ZigBee and Develco Enable Energy Management and Efficiency
A new world of possibilities in energy efficiency exists today because of wireless communication. Over the years, the number of digital devices in homes and businesses has multiplied. With the increased number of devices came increased awareness that many of these devices, appliances and systems are unable to communicate with one another. read article..
 Itron Success Story Itron and ZigBee: Energy Solutions That Combine Reliability and Efficiency
A recent report from the International Energy Agency indicates that if government energy policies do not change, global primary energy demand will grow by 1.6 percent per year from 2004 to 2030. Worldwide electricity demand will rise to 30,116 billion kilowatt-hours in 2030, more than double the 2003 level.1 Today, ZigBee® is addressing global concern for substantially improved energy efficiency through an open and interoperable standard for demand response, energy management and metering services. This approach will increase energy efficiency in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities around the world. read article..
 Cellnet+Hunt Success Story Cellnet+Hunt and ZigBee Advanced Metering for the Intelligent Electric Grid
In 2000, Californians found out the hard way what it was like to face rolling blackouts every day. In the wake of the 1996 deregulation of its utilities market, California’s residents and commercial sectors endured the reality of a long, hot summer as rolling blackouts plagued the state. While not only a nuisance and an inconvenience, the blackouts temporarily slowed one of the world’s largest economies and had strong political repercussions. Many individuals may think rolling blackouts are a thing of the past, but they actually give us an ominous indicator of our future if global energy efficiency programs are not implemented soon. read article..
 AMX Success Story AMX Delivers “Instant–On” Home Automation With ZigBee
AMX, a subsidiary of Duchossois Industries, Inc., is a worldwide leader in advanced control system technology. The company’s hardware and software products simplify the way people interact with technology in commercial and residential markets. read article..
 TAC Success Story ZigBee Gets TAC Solutions to Market Faster
TAC, a Schneider Electric company, is a world leader in building automation, security systems and energy solutions. TAC's mission is to provide added value through building environment services for indoor climate, security and use of energy, delivered with advanced technology to end users and property owners throughout the world. read article..
 Control4 Success Story ZigBee Enables Control4 To Deliver Home Automation to Broad Market
Control4, a rapidly growing leader in affordable and easy-to-use home control and entertainment systems, recognized that better and more affordable wireless standards, combined with an Internet Protocol (IP) based system architecture, would allow existing everyday homes to become candidates for home automation. The goal was to develop products that could be retrofitted into the 99 percent of U.S. households that aren't both high-end and new construction. read article..